The courts obliged the leasing debtors of PrivatBank to repay it UAH 1 billion

Все про економіку та фінанси

Since the beginning of the year the courts have satisfied a number of claims of PrivatBank for recovery of debts under financial leasing agreements, the debtors of which are, among others, such structures:

- LLC "Company- Prostor" - UAH 332 mln (lawsuit number 904/5452/18)
- LLC "Lux-Investment" - UAH 141 mln (lawsuit number 917/1583/18);
- LLC "JUBK-Plus" - UAH 139 mln (lawsuit number 922/3537/18);
- LLC "Kan-Trade Innovation" - UAH 122 mln (lawsuit number 924/1172/18);
- LLC "Barservice" - UAH 108 mln (lawsuit number 918/740/18);
- LLC "Kanatar Treidd " - UAH 73 mln (lawsuit number 904/5496/18);
- PE "Alkor-Market" - UAH 51 mln (lawsuit number 924/1119/18);
- LLC "Prion Corporation" - UAH 26 mln (lawsuit number 923/66/19);
- LLC "Ocean Finance" 20 mln UAH (lawsuit number 912/3231/18);

According to the financial leasing agreements PrivatBank as property owner (lessor) handed over the possession of its property іn paid possession and use to leaser companies. After the payment of full amount of the losing charges, mentioned property must be transferred into the ownership of lessees.

In addition to this, courts rejected a number of claims from lessee-complaints which asked for recognition of financial leasing contracts signed with PrivatBank as lessor invalid. It includes, among others, such structures:

- LLC "Ocean Finance" property value – UAH 484 mln (lawsuit number 910/2232/19);
- LLC "Bonpassaje Group": property value – UAH 460 mln (lawsuit number 910/2219/19);
- LLC "Kan-Trade Innovation": property value – UAH 470 mln (lawsuit number 910/2327/19);
- LLC “Commercial Ltd”: property value – UAH 355 mln (lawsuit number 910/2153/19);
- LLC “The Townsend Corporation”: property value – UAH 290 mln (lawsuit number 910/2112/19);
- LLC "Barservice": property value – UAH 57 mln (lawsuit number 910/2231/19).

In summer 2017 PrivatBank brought the data that the volume of its leasing portfolio is UAH 14.7 billion.

In autumn 2018 PrivatBank stated that it did not receive any payments from 26 companies to which were transferred 248 petrol stations and oil bases. At that time the true value of actives in bank was estimated at UAH 324 mln, taking into consideration its balance value UAH 6,3 billion.