Supreme Court: Altkom should repay its debt to Prominvestbank by USD 63 million

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On October 22, the Supreme Court refused to satisfy the cassation appeal of Road Building Altcom LLC and left unchanged the decision of the courts of previous instances in the case No. 905/2508/15, which satisfied Prominvestbank`s claim and recovered USD 62.7 million in debt from the applicant company (as a guarantor of Snabtreidkompani LLC) under the contract of credit line No. 15-93/19-21/13 dated 29.11.2013.

On December, 22, 2018, the Donetsk Region Commercial Court issued an order on the enforcement of the decision in case No. 905/2368/15 on the recovery of USD 64.3 million from Snabtreidkompani in favor of Prominvestbank (before that on November 29, 2018 - The Eastern Commercial Court of Appeal refused to satisfy the appeal of Snabtreidkompani and left unchanged the decision of the Commercial Court of Donetsk Region dated 12.09.2018, which partially satisfied the claim of Prominvestbank and decided to recover this amount from Snabtreidkompani LLC on the basis of the said loan agreement).

In previous years, the volume of Prominvestbank`s claims against companies associated with Altcom Group reached up to UAH 10 billion.

In the state register, the final beneficiaries of Altcom`s Road Construction LLC are Oleksandr Tislenko and Altcom Global N.V.

Earlier, the Altcom group called Oleksandr Tislenko and Serhii Pavlichev its ultimate beneficiaries, while observers unofficially linked this group with Borys Kolesnikov (Deputy Prime Minister in the Azarov`s government, who supervised the preparation for Euro 2012), but he denied it.

The reason for assumptions regarding the group`s connection with B. Kolesnikov was the fact that during the preparation of Ukraine for Euro 2012 Altcom received many large government orders for the construction of airports, stadiums, roads, etc., often - according to the purchase procedure from one participant (according to Nashi Groshi calculations, it was 13 billion UAH).

At the same time, in 2019, there were unofficial signals about the possible connection of Altcom with Rinat Akhmetov (close to whom is Kolesnikov).