Verevskyi wants to receive Delta Bank’s assets for amount of UAH 5 billion through court action

Все про економіку та фінанси

On August 7, the Economic Court of Kyiv began proceedings in case No.910/10438/19 on a claim of the "Financial company "Sky" LLC against Delta Bank and Guarantee Fund, in which the claimant asks the court to annul a decision of Deposit Guarantee Fund dated 09.07.2019 of cancel of outcome of an auction dated 07.06.2019 on selling Delta Bank’s assets, and also declare conclusion of an agreement of assignment of claims, realized at a correspondence auction, between the financial company "Sky" and Delta Bank.

According to the state registry, the final beneficiary of "Financial company "Sky" LLC is Andrii Verevskyi.

We remind that the "Financial company "Sky" LLC became a winner of an auction on selling Delta Bank’s asset pool for amount of UAH 4,9 billion, which was held on 07.06.2019, having offered UAH 182,5 million (discount was 96% respectively) for it.

This same structure has already won at an auction of Deposit Guarantee Fund in March (with an offer of UAH 906 million), at which these assets were sold to Delta Bank. However, the corresponding transaction was blocked by court upon the demand of the third party.

Deposit Guarantee Fund reported that some assets from the specified pool are in pledge of the NBU and Ukreximbank.

On 08.07.2019 the NBU canceled its decision of coordination of the specified asset pool disposal, motivating with the fact that “the held auction took place in the circumstances and possible manipulations on the part of the buyer, which could affect an outcome of an auction and realization of property at a reduced price” (quote).

On 09.07.2019 Deposit Guarantee Fund made the decision on cancellation of outcome of an auction, held on 07.06.2019. The Fund noted that it was guided by the decision of the NBU’s board on cancellation of coordination of the corresponding asset pool disposal.

In mortgage are objects of agricultural production processing, located in the Odesa region, including:

- the operating oil and fat facility for the production of margarine, cooking and confectionery fats, sunflower oil and mayonnaise (located near the railway tracks on 5.34 hectares of industrial land);

- the operating oil and fat production facility with equipment, access to the railway track and sea transport port;

- 39 thousand sq. m. of industrial real estate;


- 5,43 hectares of land with a target designation for the location of the oil and fat facility (construction of a sea grain transhipment complex and a double-end pier was assumed).

According to Deposit Guarantee Fund, the relevant loans were issued by Delta Bank to Illichivsk zernovyi port LLC, Odesa oliinozhyrovyi kombinat OJSC, Illichivsk zernova kompaniia LLC, Stroibud Illichivsk LLC.