The court has implemented a rehabilitation procedure for the company from the Vesta group, which has UAH 7 billion debts

Все про економіку та фінанси

On October 8, the Commercial Court of Kharkiv Region introduced a procedure for the rehabilitation of Rekuperatsiia svyntsiu (case No. 922/1903/18).

As noted, the company`s accounts payable is UAH 7.07 billion.

On September 24, the Commercial Court of Kharkiv Region in the case No. 922/1903/18 on the bankruptcy of Rekuperatsiia svyntsiu LLC approved the register of creditors` claims of the debtor, including the following requirements of Eaglen Enterprises LTD - for UAH 4.9 billion (the fourth line), of Vesta-Dnipro JSC - for UAH 356.6 million (the fourth line), of Ukreximbank - for UAH 235.5 million (including UAH 230.1 million - the fourth line), of the Main Department of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region - UAH 36.2 million (including UAH 33.5 million - the sixth line), etc.

Separately, VTB Bank`s claims for UAH 1.45 billion were included in the register of creditors` claims as those secured by collateral.

At the same time, on 14.08.2019, the court refused to recognize Privatbank`s claims against Rekuperatsiia svyntsiu LLC for UAH 370 million.

Rekuperatsiia svyntsiu LLC is affiliated with the Vesta battery group, founded by Viktor Dzenzersky, the father of former people`s deputy Denis Dzenzersky (he was the deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Financial Policy and Banking).

In 2011 Westa corporation conducted IPO in Warsaw exchange house. It was valued nearly at USD 190 million (portfolio investors purchased 25% of company shares for USD 46 million). Since 2014, the struggle between Westa group and creditors has endured with varying success.

On 09.11.2018 Dnipro Court of Appeal satisfied an appeal of Denys Dzenzerskyi and canceled a decision of Babushkinskyi district court of Dnipropetrovsk dated 03.08.2018 (in case No.200/17906/14-ц), which satisfied petition of the state enforcement officer and temporary restricted D. Dzenzerskyi on travel abroad before complete performance by him of decision of this court dated 25.06.2015 regarding satisfaction of debt owed to VTB bank.

In accordance with the court materials, D. Dzenzerskyi was a guarantor for debts of companies of Westa group. In truth, in summer of 2017, Dzenzerskyi publicly assured that he is not a guarantor for loans, granted by VTB bank and filed an application to law enforcement authorities regarding fabrication of relevant guaranty.

According to the court materials, resolved enforcement proceedings No. 47912939 were completed on the execution of the public enforcement service regarding enforcement of 13 implementation documents of collection of funds from D. Dzenzerskyi in favor of VTB Bank (a total of UAH 4,16 billion), and also “Credit Dnipro” bank (USD17 million), BTA Bank (UAH 196,8 million).

NABU and Specialized Anti-corruption Procurator’s office accused D. Dzenzerskyi of presentation of inaccurate data in the declaration for 2015, in particular, undeclared data on existence of financial debts, owed to VTB Bank, “Credit Dnipro”, BTA Bank and presence of corporate rights in PJSC MNK Westa.

In addition, the General Prosecutor’s Office conducted investigation regarding non-compliance by D. Dzenzerskyi with court decisions of repayment of debt, owed to VTB Bank, and police – due to commission by the officials of the companies of «Recuperation of lead» and Westa-Dnipro of serious fraud in relation to VTB Bank.