State Fiscal Service announces about the Selydivvuhillia tax debt in the amount of UAH 752 mln

Все про економіку та фінанси

The office of large taxpayers of the State Fiscal Service appealed to the Donetsk District Court with a lawsuit to the state enterprise Selydivvuhillia for permission to repay the debt in the amount of 752.5 million UAH at the expense of the property that is in the tax pledge, and the property that will be further described in the tax pledge (case №200/7617/19-а).

As Finbalance wrote, on 28.05.2019 Donetsk District Administrative Court satisfied the claim of the Office of Large Taxpayers and decided to recover funds of the tax debt in the amount of UAH 17 million from the accounts of the state-owned company Krasnolymanska coal mine, as well as from the cash owned by the taxpayer, to the current account of the state budget.

According to the State Fiscal Service, as of 25.03.2019 the tax debt of the State Enterprise Krasnolymanska coal mine amounted to UAH 486.4 million.

In the course of the court proceedings, the defendant referred to the difficult financial and economic situation and the lack of funds for the full payment of the amount of the debt, asking to dismiss the claim, stating that "the forced collection of debt will lead to the impossibility of fulfilling debt obligations and termination of the company" (quote).

In addition, the Lviv District Administrative Court is considering a lawsuit filed by the state enterprise Lvivvuhillia against the Office of Large Taxpayers for recognition as illegal and cancellation of the tax notification-decision.

According to the court materials, the tax authorities conducted an unscheduled documentary audit of Lvivvuhillia for the period from 01.07.2015 to 31.12.2017. On the basis of the act dated 08.01.2019, State Fiscal Service adopted the tax notification-decision No. 0000484807 dated 29.01.2019, which imposed a fine in the amount of 50% (by UAH 83.3 million) for the lack of registration of tax invoices / VAT adjustment calculations for the amount of UAH 166.6 million.