Sberbank wants to sue the state enterprise Elektrovazhmash for UAH 500 million

Все про економіку та фінанси

In November, the Commercial Court of the Kharkiv region opened several proceedings in cases concerning claims of Sberbank against the state enterprise Elektrovazhmash Plant for recovery:

- UAH 390.4 million - under the agreement on opening of credit line No. 29-B/12/12/ЮЛ dd. 01.10.2012 (case No. 922/3693/19);
- UAH 92.3 million - under the agreement on opening a credit line No. 30-B/12/12/ЮЛ dd. 01.10.2012 (case No. 922/3670/19);
- UAH 15 million - under the agreement on opening a credit line No. 05-Н/14/12/КЛ-КБ dd. 11.03.2014 (case No. 922/3692/19).

Electrotyazhmash is owned by the State Property Fund.

This enterprise is included in the list of objects of large privatization, which is scheduled for 2020.

The company manufactures turbo generators, hydraulic generators, large electric machines, pulling equipment.

According to the Elektrovazhmash reports, its short-term debt to banks at the beginning of the year amounted to UAH 597.2 million, and UAH 501.5 million as of 30.09.2019.

The loss of the state enterprise for 9 months amounted to UAH 33.4 million (for the same period of the last year there was declared a profit of UAH 4 million).