NBU fined Industrialbank by UAH 6.85 mln for violation in the sphere of financial monitoring

Все про економіку та фінанси

By its decision dd. June 3, the NBU imposed a fine in the amount of UAH 6.85 million on Industrialbank for the implementation of risk activities by the bank in the field of financial monitoring.

On 7 June, the District Administrative Court of Kyiv, at the motion of Industrialbank, suspended the collection of the said fine as part of its claim against the NBU (in case No. 640/9912/19).

According to court materials, in its statement of claim Industrialbank states that the decision of the NBU dated June 3 "is obviously illegal and adopted by the National Bank of Ukraine due to improper application of the Law of Ukraine "On Banks and Banking" (quote).

As it is noted, the regulator established that the fine is to be paid within 5 days from the date of receipt of the relevant decision by Industrialbank, and in case of non-delivery of the documents confirming the payment of the fine from the bank within the established term, "the said decision will be sent for enforcement to the relevant body of the state executive service" (quote).

In this context, the District Administrative Court of Kyiv came to the conclusion that "failure to take measures to secure the claim may significantly complicate or even make it impossible to enforce the court`s decision and to effectively protect and restore the violated rights of the plaintiff, which he intends to protect".

At the same time, the court drew attention to "the absence of grounds to assert the obvious signs of illegality of the decision of the National Bank of Ukraine dd. June 3, 2019 No. 215/БТ to impose a fine on "Industrialbank" until the consideration of the merits of the case and investigation of the circumstances of the decision under appeal" (quotation).

Earlier, the National Bank imposed "financial monitoring" fines on a number of other banks, including Sberbank (UAH 94.7 million), Ukrsotsbank (UAH 30.45 million), Universal Bank (UAH 14.4 million), OTP Bank (UAH 7.1 million), Megabank (UAH 6.2 million), TASKombank (UAH 6 million), Bank investytsii ta zaoshchadzhen (UAH 1 million), Pivdennyi (UAH 4,8 million), MTB Bank (UAH 4,35 million), Misto Bank (UAH 4,2 million), RVS Bank (UAH 3 million), Globus (UAH 3 million), Alpari Bank (UAH 2 million), Sich (UAH 1.3 million), Center (UAH 1.2 million), Ukrainskyi kapital (UAH 1.2 million), Concord (UAH 1.2 million), Ibox Bank (UAH 0,46 million), Raiffeisen Bank Aval (UAH 0.45 million), UkrSibbank (UAH 0.4 million), Vostok (UAH 0.3 million), Pravex Bank (UAH 0.2 million), Rozrakhunkovyi tsentr (UAH 0.2 million).