Kolomoisky has won a UAH 1.3 billion payout against Akhmetov

Все про економіку та фінанси

On June 7, the Commercial Court of the Dnipropetrovsk Region satisfied the claim of LLC Spirit Finance to OJSC Southern Mining Factory (in case No. 904/4009/18) and decided to recover UAH 1.3 billion from the defendant in favor of the plaintiff.

According to court records, in September 2017, the general meeting of OJSC Southern Mining Factory shareholders decided to pay dividends of UAH 16.16 billion (UAH 10.16 per common share).

As noted, the dividends were not paid to a number of shareholders of the company, including Melchett Invest Limited (Bahamas), Duxston Holdings Limited (Cyprus), Lucrino Investments Limited (Cyprus), Milnerbay S.A. (British Virgin Islands), Brimmilton Limited (British Virgin Islands), Renalda Investments Limited (Cyprus).

In May-2018, the said shareholders of OJSC Southern Mining Factory on the basis of factoring agreements waived the relevant rights of claim for LLC Spirit Finance in the amount of UAH 1.17 billion.

However, OJSC Southern Mining Factory did not fulfill its financial obligations towards LLC Spirit Finance either.

In the course of the above court dispute, OJSC Southern Mining Factory filed a counterclaim demanding that the aforementioned factoring agreements be recognized as fictitious (practically agency). However, the court refused to satisfy these claims of OJSC Southern Mining Factory.

According to the State Register, Rinat Akhmetov is the final beneficiary of OJSC Southern Mining Factory.

The founder of LLC Spirit Finance is LLC Spirit Solutions, the founders of which, in turn, are a number of individuals. Among them, in particular, Artem Zamsha, who since 2013 is the director of the bankrupt company Aerosvit and was intended to be the head of the Supervisory Board of Stakhanov Ferroalloy Plant (these structures were associated with former owners of the Privatbank).

According to Finbalance, the above mentioned Cyprus company Renaldа Investments Limited, which is among the shareholders of OJSC Southern Mining Factory, associated with Ihor Kolomoiskyi.

Let us remind you, that at the beginning of May, I. Kolomoisky publicly announced "deoligarchisation" for Akhmetov.

At the same time, in June, the Opposition Bloc party, which is close to Akhmetov, announced that it would take part in the early parliamentary elections together with a number of parties, including Revival and Trust in Affairs party, which are close to Kolomoisky.